Why a Pet in Your Assisted Living Facility is a Good Choice

Why a Pet in Your Assisted Living Facility is a Good Choice

Bradford Place is a safe haven for the seniors to be cared for 24/7. It is a place where we provide quality care and a variety of services and programs our senior will indubitably enjoy. Among the many services and programs offered here in our assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL, Bradford Place encourages the seniors to bring in their beloved pet to our facility.

Why do you ask? It is because there is no denying the fact that pets are one of the best companions for children as well as adults and they can also provide companionship to our beloved older adults. That is just one of the many reasons why we take in pets here in our assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL. Other than that reason, we have the following as our raison d’être:

  1. Pets are great friends.
    It is believed that pets prove to be great companions to the elderly. They are a good source of friendship for everyone whether they are young or old. This is also one of the many reasons why families take in pets in the house. These cute companions provide a sense of home to their owners and that they help make the elderly cope with the changes in his or her environment while adjusting to the new life in the facility.
  2. Pets extend your circle of friends.
    Pets do not just make good buddies but they also widen your circle of friendship for you. They can help introduce you to new people and will tell so much about you. Dog owners tend to go out of their house in the morning or at night to cater to the dog’s needs and in return, meet with various people along the way. Cat owners, on the other hand, have this silent and unexplainable bond towards other cat owners.
  3. Pets improve your mood.
    After a long day, you kind of look forward to going home and finding your furry buddy excited to see you home. Scientists and researchers say that when a person is spending time playing with his or her pet, it can relieve some of their stress, tension and fatigue. Another amazing thing if you have a pet is that:

    • You will boost up your brain activity.
    • You can encourage and enhance the pleasure areas in your brain.
    • You will experience tranquility.
    • You will be rejuvenated.
    • You will have a better and more relaxed mood.
  4. Pets teach you educational values.
    Aside from the fun it can give you in your life, a pet can teach you the following values:

    • Love
    • Understanding
    • Responsibility
    • Trust
    • Care
    • Loyalty
    • And many more
  5. Pets encourage you to remain fit and healthy.
    No matter how lazy you are, you will be compliant to the needs of your pet and that is why they can help you rise up early in the morning for a walk. They even expect you to play with them knowing that they are very agile creatures. You will also be encouraged to follow a healthy routine and time management. All these will help keep you healthy and fit.

Reasons such as the ones mentioned are very much hard to ignore. We do not keep man from having a good time with his or her furry creature and live his life happily and healthily. For that reason, we bring pets closer to their senior owners to help make each other feel better here in our assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL.

If you prefer to enjoy the rest of your stay in an assisted living facility with your pet, we suggest you look for an assisted living facility just like Bradford Place that takes in pets.

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