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What Nobody Tells You about Art Therapy

What Nobody Tells You about Art Therapy

When you encounter the words “art therapy,” what comes into your mind? Do you think of it as a therapy for creative artists? Or is it relaxing and freeing yourself from your everyday worries by taking a tour in art galleries, museums and art conventions? If those are your answers, you are greatly mistaken, dear friend.

We are a master of this kind of treatment here in our assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL. We have helped people cope with life and the challenges it bring us. We have seen the good art therapy does for the patient. But there is a barrier that keeps people who really need this type of therapy to start enjoying this type of service and that barrier is ignorance.

Here is some information nobody tells you about art therapy:

  • Art therapy lets you express yourself creatively and in this creativity, you will learn more about yourself.Art therapists believe that every artistic expression holds a person’s inner emotion that is why they examine their patients through their patient’s art.
  • A patient does not have to be talented or passionate at art in order to avail this type of therapy.Many do not submit to art therapy because of the fear of being ridiculed that their work is like that of a kid’s art. But do you know what; we subject our patent to therapy and not to an art class. Even if a grown up man’s portrait of a home looks like that of a schoolboy’s art project, we read the person based on his work and not on his expertise in holding the paint brush.
  • This therapy is useful for people who experiences or has experienced:
    • Illness
    • Trauma
    • A change in living
    • A drive to develop personally

    Who says art therapy is just doing art? This therapy has aided our assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL on figuring out the underlying causes of abnormal behaviors on older adults to help them deal with the unfortunate things that have happened unto them including the ones mentioned above. It can even serve as a proof that there is something bothering a person.

  • Art therapists are educated and professionally trained on art and therapy.Art therapists know all too well on the psychology of the human brain and how the thought process of every individual affect his or her works. Bradford Place’s assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL only employs therapists who have gone through the needed education and training to be a part of our team of therapists. This is to make sure that we only give the best services to our clients.
  • Forms of this type of therapy includes:
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Music

    Art therapy does not only introduce painting and drawing but also incorporates singing and dancing as a way to dive into the mind and emotions of the patients.

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