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Understanding a Dementia Patient’s Battle with Anosognosia


When a person with dementia refuses to give up driving, accept in-home care, or be transferred into an assisted living facility, it’s not because they are in denial of their sickness. Sometimes, they truly lack awareness of their own illness, and that condition is what we call anosognosia.

Anosognosia affects approximately 60% of patients with mild cognitive impairment and 80% of Alzheimer’s patients.

Patients with anosognosia respond to feedback in varying ways. Denial of needing a long term care facility is common, while some people may become enraged when questioned about their mental health because they are convinced that they are fine. There are also individuals who are so sure of their own health that they refuse to see a doctor, have neurological tests, or take medications.

Although anosognosia can sometimes be as frustrating as dealing with the memory loss of a loved one, understanding their odd behaviors might help you stay calm and find solutions to keep your loved one safe.

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