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Supporting Loved Ones as They Move to Assisted Living

Supporting Loved Ones as They Move to Assisted Living

Of all things, the last thing we want to see is our loved ones moving somewhere else. But for better reasons such as moving to an assisted living facility for them to receive better care like what is given at assisted living in Swansea, Illinois, we have to let go of people close to our hearts knowing they will be in a good place where they will be taken good care of. It’s also difficult on the part of our loved ones leaving us behind who for a long time are among the reasons for their happiness and form a big part of their fond memories. That’s why we should give them the support they need. Here are some ways we can support our loved ones as they move to assisted living.

  • Sympathize with their feelings of loss
    Even if it’s our loved ones’ decision to move to assisted living like the elderly care in Illinois, it cannot be denied that they will feel sad. Moving away from home so dear to you is one of the most painful and difficult things to do. Let’s sympathize with them and give them time to adapt.
  • Deal with concerns together
    Let’s not assume that all concerns of our loved ones in assisted living are just part of the adjustment process. Let’s give them serious attention and talk about ways to resolve the problems. If the problem is too big with no clear solution, we can look for another long term care facility.
  • Communicate often
    Let’s make it a priority to visit or call our loved ones. We just don’t know how happy they would get when they see us special people in their lives and hear our voice. If it’s possible, we can include them in our outings as well.
  • Assist our loved ones in personalizing their living space
    Let’s assist in choosing and bringing meaningful items which would remind them of home. But we should not take over. Let’s just assist them. After all, it’s them who know which items hold the most sentimental value to them.

Here at Bradford Place, your loved ones will be treated like family. We make it certain that they will feel comfortable and receive the care they need

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