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Senior Long-Term Care Arrangement


The majority of the senior population has unique health conditions. Some are battling mild to severe illnesses; others have issues when it comes to mobility. At Bradford Place, the trusted and established Assisted Living in Swansea, Illinois, we can help seniors take charge of their aging journey while providing them with quality long-term care services.

Each senior wants to take part in their care needs. They want to feel included and, as much as possible, independent. Our Elderly Care in Illinois is surrounded by expert care providers who can guarantee you that your senior loved ones’ care preferences are being catered to at all times. We believe that allowing them to have a say in their care arrangement and plan can make them stay healthier and happier each day. Our facility is also located in a secure and peaceful place, giving each resident the chance to live their aging journey in a quiet, peaceful, and beautiful environment. They will be surrounded by other seniors that share their interests and, above all, will be supported by passionate care professionals.

If you are deciding which Long Term Care Facility is the right choice for your senior loved ones, choose us. Our lines are kept open to cater to concerns. You may also schedule an appointment so we can discuss the care options you can choose from.

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