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Optional Care Services to Enjoy in a Professional Assisted Living Facility

All Inclusive Services and Amenities an Assisted Living Facility Provides

Aside from all-inclusive services and well-equipped amenities, an expert agency in the field of assisted living also provides expert optional care services, which include the following:

Medication Management

The professional and compassionate staff of Bradford Place assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL helps make sure that your senior loved one maintains a sound wellness by providing medication management, especially to patients undergoing difficult conditions and needing special care. Our skilled caregivers are even able to offer expert assistance to all seniors through our comprehensive assistance program.

Daily Living Assistance

Speaking of assistance programs, the experienced staff of Bradford Place assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL is also able to provide assistance for the patients’ various activities, such as daily routines. You may contact us now to get to know more information about how we provide assistance with the different activities that your grandparent will experience while staying in the facility.

Health and Wellness Programs

A reliable assisted living facility is also able to provide a comprehensive range of health and wellness programs for the welfare of all seniors. This just means your grandparent can acquire better health while inside Bradford Place assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL.

Dressing and Grooming Assistance

Furthermore, an expert living facility is able to assist seniors on their dressing and grooming needs. The professional and skilled staff is always more than eager to help patients in doing their personal hygiene routines as well as dressing up every day.

Mealtime Assistance

Aside from medication management and daily living assistance, you can also be assured that the experienced employees of an assisted living facility can ensure that your grandparent and other senior patients are really following the proper diet. This is possible through the professional mealtime assistance offered by the caregivers in the living facility. So, you can be confident that your beloved senior receives the right meals that are really appropriate for his/her particular condition.

Other optional care services that are professionally provided by Bradford Place include incontinence program, geriatric assessment program, verbal cueing assistance and reminders, and assistance with transfers.

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