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Alzheimer’s Care Options for Every Stage

Alzheimer’s Care Options for Every Stage

As people reach senior age, when they are no longer incapable of deciding for their own, it’s the duty of their adult children to choose the best care option for them. When it comes to Alzheimer’s patients, care options vary, from home care to assisted living, like Bradford Place, depending on the stage of the disease.

Early Stage

When the disease is only in its early stages, families would rather have their parent with Alzheimer’s at home so they may be able to enjoy the comfort of being with their loved ones and have a familiar routine. However, it’s still important, especially if the family members are mostly away for their personal responsibilities, to hire advance outside help, such as companion, adult day care, or home health aide. Even in the early stages, Alzheimer’s patients will have a highly difficult time taking care of their personal and health needs and would require constant assistance.

Middle Stage

As the disease progresses, and the caregiver can no longer manage the patient’s condition, the most ideal care option is assisted living. There are a number of outstanding assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL, one of them being Bradford Place. In an assisted living facility, patients will be moved into a comfortable apartment where they will be taken care of by highly-skilled caregivers, 24 hours daily and provided with supportive services and care assistance, such as transportation and housekeeping, and everything they could possibly need to improve their quality of life in their age and health condition.

Late Stage

In the late stage of the disease, the patient may be moved into a nursing home, where they are provided with skilled care by licensed nurses or healthcare experts. However, they may still be able to remain in an assisted living facility where they can still be provided with 24 hours of security and assistance daily. At Bradford Place, we have a Memory Support Unit, a separate secured unit that caters to people with memory impairment, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Even if the patient needs higher level of memory care, our highly skilled staff will be able to manage their condition.

Finding the best care option is crucial to your elderly loved one’s quality of life, whether or not they have Alzheimer’s. You may want to keep them at home but, if it’s getting impossible for you or their caregiver to manage their condition, finding advanced care is the most ideal option. If you want an exceptional assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL for your elderly loved one, you might want to get to know us, at Bradford Place, more by visiting our website at

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