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All Inclusive Services and Amenities an Assisted Living Facility Provides

All Inclusive Services and Amenities an Assisted Living Facility Provides

The right assisted living facility is able to give utmost convenience and a healthy environment to all patients. This article contains some of the professional services and amenities that are well provided by a credible adult housing facility.

Healthy Meals Served Daily for the Wellness of Seniors

You can be confident that your senior loved one is maintaining a healthy mind and body thanks to the delicious and healthy meals served by Bradford Place assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL every day. Talk to us now to find out more info about the nutritious snacks, beverages, and other food we prepare for patients and serve in our elegant dining room.

Weekly Housekeeping for Utmost Comfort

An assisted living facility also boasts of a regular housekeeping service for all patients. The weekly flat linen and personal laundry assistance provided in the facility ensure that seniors live in a consistently clean, fresh, and comfortable environment.

Various Social and Recreational Activities to Entertain Patients

Bradford Place assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL also organizes a wide range of enriching social and recreational activities, which emphasize the “individual interests” of each patient. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that your grandparent is really having fun while learning new things with other people in the facility.

Holiday Celebrations Highlighting Vital Values

The holiday celebrations in an assisted living facility highlight various values and traditions; therefore, your grandparent can still enjoy Christmases, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions even while staying in the facility.

Basic Cable TV Service for Everybody’s Enjoyment

It is also through the basic cable TV service and utilities provided by Bradford Place assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL that senior patients can always have appropriate entertainment any time of the day. This just means your loved one can always enjoy his/her favorite television show while staying in the facility.

24-Hour Staff to Offer Professional Care

A reliable living facility also comes with professional staff that is on duty for 24 hours a day to make sure that all patients take their medicines regularly, eat at the right time, and receive proper assistance for doing different activities.

Beauty Salon and Other Self-Improving Services

Your grandparent can also easily stay beautiful or handsome and blooming while in the facility, thanks to the beauty salon services offered.

Private Courtyard for All

The well-manicured private courtyard in an assisted living facility can be a perfect venue for your grandparent to read his/her favorite book, relax and enjoy the view outdoors, enjoy a chat with other patients, and do other recreational activities they wish.

Relaxing Social Lounge Available

Apart from a well-maintained private courtyard, there is a relaxing social lounge where patients have a chance to meet new friends, mingle with other people, and simply enjoy the presence of everyone in the facility.

Building Security for Constant Safety

Through the 24-hour building security in an assisted living facility, you can be rest assured that your grandparent is safe and away from any harm all the time.

Regular Maintenance for Building and Grounds

The facility is also regularly maintained by the right experts; therefore, your senior loved one and other patients can stay in a clean and safe environment every single day. You may visit Bradford Place any time to check our well-maintained building and grounds.

Convenient Room Mail Service

Finally, a reliable assisted living facility can help deliver mails to the rooms of patients. This just means your grandparent can always read your love letters in the comfort of his/her own room.

Find all these and other professional services offered by Bradford Place through our official website.

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