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6 Lines that will Make a Senior’s Day

6 Lines that will Make a Senior’s Day

Among all humans, seniors have the lowest self-esteem. They are more prone to feeling too many insecurities and they are very difficult to please. They become lonely more often and even choose to isolate themselves from others.

That is why, wherever your senior loved ones may be- in your home or in an assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL– it is mandatory to give them compliments every now and then.

These few lines could surely make their day.

1. “You look good today.”
Feeling beautiful or handsome could help seniors at the assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL to build confidence. When you tell them they look good and are in very good shape, they will not feel lonely anymore and they will be motivated to reach out to others and socialize.

2. “I miss your cooking.”
Surely, you’ll miss your mother’s cooking. If your father loved to cook, their menu would be extra special. So, who would not miss their parents menu? Who will not long for it?

Be honest with them. Tell your parents in an assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL how you loved the food that they used to cook for you when you were younger. This would give them a great feeling.

3. “I want to see you soon.”
What kind of parents would not want their children to visit them? Even if some would say that they do not want you to visit them always, what’s inside their heart is the contrary. So tell them you’ll visit them and do it.

4. “My child looks exactly like you.”
No joy could ever be compared to a grandparent in an assisted living facility in Benchmark Court Swansea IL, knowing that their children are happy with the genes that they have passed on to the next generations of their kin. If you tell them that your child looks exactly like them, it would be as if they are leaving a living legacy.

5. “Your grandchild is as good in sports as you.”
Have you played sports before? Were you an ace player? Have you received various awards for your position in the team?

If you answered affirmatively in any of the questions, you are the type of person who is proud of your achievements and would want to share your story to the whole world, to someone in the family.

6. “You’ve raised us well.”
The greatest achievement of a parent is to see one’s child live his/her dream. Since you were younger, your parents have been the ones to provide for you and encourage you.

Their best trophy in their lives is YOU.

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